Getting Travis T’s 84 GT Back On The Road

Most of you have seen Ronald’s previous Prayer Request post for Travis T regarding his Stage 4 stomach cancer and that in post #11 the chances of a positive prognosis took a hit. In an effort to lift a friends spirit Ronald called me on the Saturday before Mustang Week wanting to get Travis’ ailing ’84 back on the road for him!…ghlight=travis

Background on the Four-eye:
Travis has an ’84 with a sunroof and iirc the previous owner put an ’86 nose on it, which Travis swapped back to ’84 vintage(although the used red nose didn’t quite go with the black car). Then back in ’09 the stock Holley carb began to give up the ghost so Travis parked it briefly with the intention of rebuilding the carb and possibly use the down time for some other upgrades. He began sourcing parts for a brake upgrade, a new/used rear bumper cover, an Edelbrock intake and factory radio amplifier among others things. It’s already 5-lug swapped with ’96-’98 Butterfly wheels(which we all dig!). I’m told the engine and trans are recent rebuilds and the rear end and suspension all looked pretty fresh!

Shortly before MW KB, Travis, Jeff and I decided with our Foxbody Cruise collection we would donate it towards cancer as it just seems to be affecting so many of us(directly and indirectly). The Cruise raise $900.

I told Ronald I loved the idea, but that I would need to run it by the other three guys first. A couple calls and texts later and we were unanimously on board. Considering Travis lives not too far from Sam at OTP and with Sam’s current capabilities Ronald and I reached out to Sam and within about 15mins all the key players were in place. I told Ronald to call Travis to make sure he was ok with us taking his ride as this wasn’t Overhaulin’ with Chip Foose(but SEFB is a close second!). Travis was excited about the prospect his Fox would be back on the road soon again and better than ever! The next weekend Ronald arrived at Travis’ house with truck and trailer and they loaded up the car and the parts and then Ronald pointed the rig towards OTP! This past Saturday Ronald, Nick and I left after the Concord meet to go inspect the project at hand. Of course Sam was there and then Adam of Kannapolis Engine Service stopped by. All of us surveyed the car and developed a game plan!

This is not a Save A Fox 2 type of project, but rather get it back on the road as fast as we can while addressing some issues. Think of it as a solid driver while looking great going down the road!

Phase 1: Get ‘er running!
The car has sat under a tree for the greater part of 7yrs and it appears a gas tank flush, battery, alternator, carb rebuild and cooling system assembly should get her fired up!

Phase 2: Apply Travis’ Planned Upgrades!
Get the SN95 brake swap complete. We need to confirm the cam in the car to determine if the valve springs Travis bought are really necessary. Install the factory amp and likely get the Edelbrock intake on??

Phase 3: Restoration and Beautification!
We’ll talk to FMR about helping address the interior needs as well as full weatherstripping and anything else that needs serious attention. The paint currently sits under an 1/8″ of tree debris, but between the thin condition of the paint and the red front end Jeremy at OTP says “Just like AC/DC, it’ll come out of the pant booth Back in Black!”. New satin GT graphics will find there way in the appropriate places. Then new tires and a windshield will make there way on this four-eye as well.

How can SEFB help?
We’re going to use Cruise funds and we’re employing at least three SEFB vendors to assist, with Sam and the crew providing the vast majority of the labor…so there’s not a need for “build days” per se like we had with SAF. Ronald’s Dad is going to rebuild the carb for us and Ronald also has a buddy at an auto parts store that can assist. Travis is also a long-time member on Four-Eyed Pride and we will be reaching out to the club leadership there to see if they want to help out with a donation towards the project. So what the project really needs is cash to pay for the discounted labor and parts we’re blessed to be getting. Anyone that’s willing to spare a few bucks can send it via paypal to and please label it with Travis T!

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