& The Foxcast Announce Partnership

It is with great honor that today I am announcing that The Southeastern Foxbodies and The Foxcast have formed a partnership to work together in many ways that will help grow and support the Foxbody Mustang community. If you don’t know what The Foxcast is then you must have been living under a rock for the past six months or so, with around 50k followers, it’s the hottest website movement going today in the fox world.  Below is an quote pulled from the front page of The Foxcast, which by the way you can check out at

The Foxcast was founded in August of 2015 by Caleb Richards. A fox fan and owner since I was 13 years old, The Foxcast was designed and built for foxbody fans, by a foxbody fan. The objective is a quality, and all inclusive foxbody community.

This has been a goal of mine for many years, and I am very proud that it is growing & developing better than projected! The popularity and explosive growth are due to all of the amazing members that support, contribute, and help spread the word. Your support as subscribers goes a long way to grow, and develop this effort.

Since inception, the Foxcast has grown at a rate of of over 1300 new fans weekly across all of the social media platforms. The average reach of 51K people a week is very telling about the massive following of the fox chassis Ford. At the present rate of growth we will be 100k strong in less than 12 months.

I hope you enjoy the Foxcast, and welcome all feedback to improve the Foxcast experience. Please email, or direct message anytime. All messages replied! There are many killer projects planned for this organization like Foxcast TV, prominent presence at relevant events across the country, and video features of some killer shops and smaller local club events! Stay tuned!

Caleb Richards

CFO (Chief Foxbody Officer)

Foxcast Media LLC.

So how does SEFB and The Foxcast work together you might be asking? Well it’s simple really. Caleb is coming on board as an authorized vendor and will have his own section to share all the photos, video’s, and media that The Foxcast puts out. Not only that, but video’s such as #foxlife will be featured on our front page. Also, anytime an SEFB member is featured on The Foxcast, the article will grace our front pages. Our members car’s will be featured on a more regular basis on The Foxcast, especially those cars that win Fox Of The Month in the future. We will share and cross promote each other via our many social media outlets. Above all else, we will work hard together to keep growing the popularity of our beloved Foxbody Mustang!


Be sure and check out The Foxcast @

You can also find them on Instagram @ The_Foxcast

On Twitter @ TheFoxcast

And on Facebook @

They also have a killer podcast on I tunes that you can find at the link below!


Also, don’t forget to watch for updated media in their new section right here on!!

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