What is Southeastern Foxbodies?


How did Southeastern Foxbodies come to exist?


How do I join?

Membership is free, simply go to the forum’s and register a user name. To be considered an active member, participation in our online forum and events are encouraged. ¬†You are free to make a donation to help support the site if you choose too. The donation link is posted below.


When are events held?

Usually every month there is some sort of SEFB function. While July features Mustang Week and October features Foxtoberfest, most of our other events are hosted around the weekends of Cars & Coffee in Charlotte, NC and Greenville, SC with companion events later on in the day. Follow the link below for all the events.


Can I host an event in my area?

Yes! We are always looking to expand into new area’s. Tennessee & Florida are two area’s we would love to expand into, but will welcome members all over the place. If you find you are in an area with two or three members and want to start a meet, go for it!