So I have been having issues with my 93 Cobra. Driving along and it feels like I intermittently loose power then RPMs jump around a then sometimes backfires and dies. Car will crank but not fire. After letting it sit for a while it starts and runs fine until same scenario happens again.

I have replaced the TFI module and it did not resolve the issue.
Replaced the Pickup in the distributor and that also did not resolve the issue.

This weekend I drove it until it died again. Car would not restart. I pulled the timing spout out and it fired up immediately. Put the spout back in and will not start.

This has me thinking the PCM is bad. Does anyone know if this diagnosis is correct?

Does anyone have an original 93 Cobra PCM they would be willing to part with?

Are you aware of a reputable place to get my PCM repaired?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.