It has come to our attention that it was about time to update the rules page. Some of the old rules weren't clear or were poorly written. Some rules have been added over the years, but never really written down. Some rules just don't really apply any more. So going forward, below are the new rules for & the Facebook Group.

Rule #1: SEFB is a DRAMA FREE ZONE - We pride ourselves on maintaining a positive atmosphere which is something that folks immediately recognize the first time they log on. Members that are identified as "trouble makers" are likely to receive one warning to stop their disruptive behavior. Disruptive behavior includes, but isn't limited to, bashing or otherwise unconstructive negative comments towards other members, vendors or the admin/mod staff, antagonistic posts/avatars/signatures, etc. Failure to comply will result in that member being banned from the site. Please understand that banning members is something we take very seriously and is the last measure when all other attempts at a resolution fail. In short, we're all here in the sand box trying to have fun, don't be the kid that throws sand in everyone's eyes!

Rule #2: Cooler heads always prevail - If you have an issue with something or someone please handle it in an adult manner. Taking it to PM is better than calling someone out on the open boards which can actually break Rule #1 in the process. If you cannot resolve it on your own or would rather avoid confronting the issue yourself, please PM an admin or mod and we will help mediate the situation.

Rule #3: SEFB is PG13 - The Mustang/car hobby is a family affair and our events usually have a lot of youngsters around. At the same time, kids are often looking over the shoulder of mom and dad when they're on With that in mind, we want to keep this a family friendly site. No curse words or smut is allowed. This applies for avatar's and signature's as well. The automatic text censor feature will catch most of the bad words, but DO NOT bypass the censor using asterisks or $, etc. If you think your comment, post or thread topic is borderline please be courteous and put “NWS”(Not Work Safe) in the title. Let's bring up the next generation of car enthusiasts the right way. Bottom line, if you'd be embarrassed for your grandmother to read it then don't post it!

Rule #4: NO NON-VENDOR ADVERTISING - A vendor is a company or someone that pays a fee to advertise their product and/or services on If you are not a vendor then you cannot advertise for a business whether it is yours or not. For our purpose here the definition of a business is selling a product or service for a profit. We don't care if it is a brick and mortar location or out of your living room. Also, briefly mentioning a company that did something for you or a place you visited is one thing, but overly mentioning of said company or posting their address or website is another form of advertising. This includes avatars and signatures. If the need arises to share information about another non-vendor simply take it to a PM, then there's no open advertising infraction. Also covered under this rule is an event hosted by a shop that is a direct competitor to one of our vendors. We realize this sounds like a very tricky rule to follow so if there's any doubt or confusion just ask one of the admins or mods. If you would like information on becoming a full or partial vendor contact one of the admin/mod staff...otherwise DO NOT ADVERTISE and you will not break this rule. Our fees are nominal to become a vendor, spend the energy getting yourself or a company you want to see onboard as a paying vendor and then you are free to advertise unlimited.

Rule #5: A Strong Classified Section is a Strong Forum - Classified ads must be complete, a full description with ideally a picture, a location and you MUST LIST A PRICE. Even "Feeler Ads" must have a price or value attached. Bump your ad(s) no more than once per week. Members selling parts is a function of the hobby and we don't view hobby-like frequency in the classified section as competing with our vendors. However, it is very easy to smell a business and business-like activity IS competing with our vendors and therefore not allowed. If it is found that you are here just to sell parts and not interact with members across the other sections of the site you will be banned from the classified section. If there is a bad transaction between you and another member and it's found to be something on your end, you can receive a temporary ban or even a permanent ban from the classified section or the entire site.

**All of the website rules apply to our Facebook page as well.

**All final calls on rules listed and not listed will come from the admin/mod team as from time to time unique situations and uncovered ground will require a judgment call.