Southeastern Foxbodies Mission Statement
Southeastern Foxbodies, a registered 501(c)(7) car club, was created as a home for the enthusiasts of the Fox Body Mustang and its shared models built by Ford Motor Company and affiliates between 1978 and 1993. Although its members are car enthusiasts as a whole, their passion for these particular models is their main focus. The club promotes the maintenance, restoration, and customization of its memberís vehicles for personal use, including organized competition at the track or car shows. The members range from teenagers to retirees, but all share a mutual respect for one another, their families and the car hobby in general. The members participate voluntarily and donate their time and money in support of the club, its social events and various charities. The associated website ( is used for organizing club events, technical car discussion, classified usage and general social networking amongst the members. Companies(most auto related) pay fees to advertise their products and services on the website(vendors) and the members support these vendors with their business in return. The members and vendors conduct themselves in a respectful manner both on and offline creating a warm and welcoming environment for everyone to enjoy.