Now, I realize that this website is primarily Foxbody owners, but many of you also have newer Mustangs with the TR3650 or have friends with them.

The TR3650 is strong and good for a Road Race environment, (I'm talking track racing, not street!)
but the stock fifth gear choices of 0.68 and 0.62 are too "Tall" for the back stretch.

The driver has to choose between running it at red-line down the back stretch in fourth gear, or jumping into "grandpa" gear and getting the RPMs out of the power range. Either way is a disadvantage...

Racers prefer a fifth gear ratio of about 0.80 for this situation, but until now there has not been a solution.

Pro-Force is now offering a custom 0.81 TR3650 fifth gear pair!

Pricing is currently at $450.00

Hopefully we can get the price a bit lower once production volumes increase...