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    Default t5 rebuild how to

    so my t5 started grinding bad into 4th. it happened when my car was in 4th going down highway, and my clutch cable came adjusted. i had to rip it out of 4th with no clutch. coming home from mustang week too...

    but... i have a different transmission in now from a buddy. my t5 is taken apart. had help from a guy, but we never had time to get it back together and weve kinda grown apart. so ive got my case apart, the main shaft or whatchamacallat is out. i also finally got a ford racing t5 rebuild kit. took forever to get which is why we didnt finish.

    anyway. any suggestions on some reading materials/how to's on rebuilding it with that kit?

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    Great question!

    There is a popular YouTube video by BadShoe Productions, but I have not reviewed it. Perhaps I should so that I can critique it!

    I do like the Hanlon Motorsports DVD entitled "How To Rebuild Your T5 Transmission HP-30." It is regularly available on eBay for about 20.00 and has about 180 minutes of video.

    This video is VERY DETAILED and anyone that has access to some good tools and a press can do a nice job on it. This video does not mention the extra synchro ring found on the 92 and newer Mustang T5's because they used one that was older than 92 as their example. The only trick with that is to rotate the cone for that ring to the 12:00-1:00 position so that the tab on it will align with the notch in the tail housing. It also doesn't cover the COBRA, or T5Z caged pocket bearing in the input shaft, but that is not hard to figure out!

    With the fourth gear issue you descrbed I expect you will find the synchro engagement teeth to be badly damaged on your input shaft and the mating teeth on your 3-4 synchro hub to have matching damage. Look closely for damage to the 3 metal "keys" in that 3-4 synchro hub. With the trauma you described, those may be bent or distorted. Many rebuild kits don't include those, but if you get a new synchro hub it will come with the keys and springs.

    Don't overlook damage to second gear and the 1-2 slider gear. Virtually EVERY T5 has damage to the engagement teeth on second. It may still be working ok, but if there is wear showing there it won't be long before the second gear synchro starts giving trouble. One can almost always count on needing a second gear and a 1-2 slider as a basic need when doing a T5 rebuild.

    Oh, look closely at the front tip of the main shaft where it inserts into the input shaft. That surface should be smooth and polished like a crankshsft journal. Any pitting there will soon render those 15 roller bearings useless.

    One important factor in building a T5 that will go for many miles is how well you shim the main shaft and counter shaft. Not all kits include these shims and often the one size that is needed is not included! For situations like this, I have some "peelable" shims. These shims start out being too thick, but layers 0.002" thick can be peeled off one at a time until the proper thickness is reached.
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    if i may help you out on personal expierence with this.

    the badshoeproduction videos are Top notch. Ken it the name of the guy who makes them and he does give in great detail how to rebuild the t5 that even a novice mechanic can understand. using his videos and my own expierences i have built hundreds of t5's and verious other transmissions using the same concepts learned in the t5 video. i talk to ken from time to time and give him ideas on other videos that would be benificial for him and the community to have. i have every one of the videos he has made and even though the information seems very dry it is very good. he tells you how to make special tools insted of spending hundreds of dollars on special tools you wil only use once.

    hope this helps.

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